An Introduction to Flow

(This is being re-published in this blog, from our monthly newsletter, due to the fact that the video didn’t embed in our live email, despite it working on test emails.)

An Introduction to Flow

I must confess, I am not just after optimal health, but have always reached toward greater states of being, whether that be physically or mentally. When I first heard about flow, I immediately recalled many times in my life where I experienced this state, without having a proper name for it.

I recalled the times (98%) where an item would fall off a counter or out of a cabinet and I would catch it. I didn’t think, I just acted. And each time I recall, it felt as if the object was falling in slow motion. And my reaction was effortless and thoughtless, something without so much as a thought would enter my mind about whether or not I’d catch the item (anything from glass spice jars, to cans of food).

I recalled other times, when for example I was doing martial arts training and was relatively new, somewhere just before brown belt I believe. I was doing a spar match where we both had staffs and could use these and of course our arms and legs. I remember after our trainer had counted to 3 when we were to commence the spar. I didn’t remember at the time how I did it, but my opponent was on the ground in less than 2 seconds with the staff placed at his neck, effectively disarmed and defeated. That was a flow state as well.

Finally, when I had anxiety as a condition (long since handled), I would also recall getting into a flow state and how this greatly impacted my condition at the time. In short, the flow state was induced through personal risk, or what I considered a risk. You see at the time, going into the city and being immersed in the traffic, masses of people, noise, chemical smells that affected me, etc. was quite a daunting task. Many times I had to approach the city only to turn around and go home. One time, I got so tired of being trapped in my anxiety that I cursed, got in my truck and drove downtown. I didn’t care at that point. I’d rather be dead than trapped in my house. My heart raced, my hands sweated, but I drove there. And I got out, I walked around, I mingled in the crowds and I felt ALIVE! There is generally a struggle phase before we reach a flow state and all one has to do is persist and move through it to reap the benefits.

There have been plenty of times that these sorts of things have happened and I am sure that YOU have experienced a flow state as well. There is a LOT to learn about this subject but it has implications toward healing and thus I am bringing you this information to delve into. (In fact, it’s not only helped people physically, but also has shown some promising effects on PTSD in trials with veterans).

Part of our goal with Synergy Gold is not only to deliver high quality professional grade supplements, but to help educate one toward a greater awareness about their body and themselves. This, we hope, will help empower, nourish and feed everyone’s inner creativity, happiness and hopefully we can change life for the better.

There are several triggers that can induce a flow state, a couple of them are: passion/purpose, risk, complexity, deep embodiment, creativity and more. There are more revealed in the video below, along with a lot of the science behind this flow state.

I highly encourage you to watch this 1:10hr talk given by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal at Google headquarters in 2014. Steven relays his own personal story of when he had a severe case of Lyme’s disease and how the flow state helped him to overcome that condition, just as I now believe, that the flow state helped me overcome anxiety. I would also recommend checking out Steven’s books on the subject, Stealing Fire and The Rise of Superman.

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